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    SEPTEMBER, 2013 Preschool Curriculum Theme

    apples1 Apples All Around -Red, yellow, or green ones! Which is your favorite kind of apple? Math, science, arts and crafts are used to explore different aspects of the apple.
    dinosaurs Dinosaur Days -Long ago they roamed the Earth, some were very big and some were small. What do we know about these creatures? This learning box will help your preschooler explore the “Days of the Dinosaurs”.
    Letters: A, D, B Numbers: 1, 2 Shape: Circle Colors: Red & Green

    OCTOBER, 2013

    House A House Just Right For Me – Everything and everyone has a place that it belongs! We will use math and science, as well as music to teach your preschooler that there is a right kind of house for everything!
    pumpkin  I’m Not Afraid! – It can be a scary time of year with all kinds of “spooky” things to see and hear! Filled with fun arts and crafts, this learning box has your preschooler standing up and saying “I’m not afraid!”
     Letters: H, N, J Number: 3 Shape: Square Colors: Orange & Black

    NOVEMBER, 2013

    traffic Let’s Go! Go! Go! - It seems that preschoolers are always on the go! What a better way to keep them moving, than to learn all about the different types of transportation we use to get us from one place to another.
    turkey Counting Down to Thanksgiving - This learning box will help your preschool count down to this important holiday filled with traditions from long ago and today. It is a time for family, friends, fun, and food! YUM!
    Letters: G, Z, T Number: 4 Shape:  Rectangle Colors: Brown & Orange


    DECEMBER, 2013

    Cozy Quilts –  Come cuddle up by the fire with your cozy quilt as we explore a world of color, shape, and most importantly pattern
    tree Happy Holidays – Winter holidays are a wonderful time of year. It is a time for fun, friends, and family traditions. What is your preschooler’s favorite way to celebrate the holiday season? There is even a BONUS craft for a parent gift included!
    Letters: M, Q, L Number: 5 Shape: Triangle Colors: Gold & Green

    JANUARY, 2014

    All Through the Year - Come with us as we learn what happens throughout a year.  We will discover some specials occasions, seasons, a changes in time while we make a keepsake calendar they can use “All Through the Year”.
    polar Penguins and Polar Bears - Come with us as we visit the North and the South Poles to learn all about those big old polar bears and some silly little penguins that both love the snow! Science, math, arts and crafts are all used to explore these fascinating animals!
    Letters: P, I, Y Number: 6 Shape: Oval Colors  White, Yellow, & Black

    FEBRUARY, 2014

    Heart It’s Valentine’s Day – Hearts and hugs, cards and candy, friends and family, all an important part of the holiday of love and friendship – It’s Valentine’s Day!
    pet Love Our Pets – Valentine’s Day is a day for love and who better to love than our pets! With this learning box your preschooler will explore different kinds of pets that people have and how to care for them.
    Letters: V, X, C Number: 7 Shape: Heart Colors: Purple, Pink, & Red

    MARCH, 2014

    rain Wild Weather – The weather affects the lives of preschoolers’ everyday! What kind of weather are you having? Rain, sun, snow or wind, we feel it all round us when we go outside. Let’s learn about our wild weather.
    Silly Stories – Everyone loves a story, especially a silly story. A learning box full of arts and crafts that allows your preschooler to have some fun with stories and songs!
    Letters: U, K, S Number: 8 Shape: Semi-circle Colors: Gray, Blue, & Yellow

    APRIL, 2014

    farm A Trip to the Farm – Come along with us as we take a trip to the farm! While we are there we will see mommy animals and their babies. As well as make some animal noises of our own!
    earth Love Our Earth – What a wonderful world we live in! Even preschoolers should learn what they can do to help take care of our world and why it is so important to do so.
    Letters: F, E, R Number: 9 Shape: Diamond Colors: Tan, Blue, & Green

    MAY, 2014

    scuba Under the Sea – All kinds of amazing animals can be found living in the water! Come with us on an exciting adventure, under the sea, and discover some of these wonderful creatures. What do you think you will find?
    letters Alphabet Adventure – Children love adventures! Whether they are real or make-believe they are always a lot of fun. This learning box will inspire your preschooler’s imagination as they discuss all kinds of adventures the alphabet could go on!
    Letters: O, W Number: 10 Shape: Star Colors: Review

    JUNE, 2014

    camping Let’s Go Camping – Hiking, swimming, and s’mores – let’s go camping! Come with us on our adventure as we set up our tents, light the campfires, and explore the woods – don’t forget the flashlights!
    water Water, Water Everywhere! – It’s hot outside and we want to get wet, good thing there is water everywhere. Let’s have some fun with this important natural resource.
    Letters: A thru Z

    JULY, 2014

    birthday Happy, Happy Birthday! – Everyone loves a birthday party. Join us as we have some fun with birthday traditions from around the world as well as celebrate our country’s birthday. Happy Birthday USA!
    island Island Get-A-Way – Summer is a great time for a vacation! Let’s explore the sandy beaches, volcanoes, and the rain forest on our tropical island get-a-way.
    Numbers: 1-10

    AUGUST, 2014

    hot air What Goes Up? – Up, up, and away – let’s go for a ride in the sky! Come with us as we soar through the sky in our hot air balloon or take a ride in a helicopter. The wind in our face and the clouds passing by – what a way to spend the day!
    circus Let’s Join the Circus! – Preschoolers already know how to “clown around”, so why not let them join the circus? They can go up and down, fast and slow, or in and out. The circus is a great place to learn about opposites!
    Shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple


    Numbers and Colors and Shapes – Oh My! –

    With this 6 week kit we will have some fun with numbers and colors and shapes – Oh My!

    *Themes are subject to change!

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