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    SEPTEMBER, 2014 Preschool Curriculum Theme

    Family 1 Me and My Family -Every preschooler loves to show off what they can do  This learning box will allow them to explore different things they can do, important personal safety information, as well as discuss families of all shapes and sizes.
    Fall leaves rake Fabulous Fall -Leaves are falling all around; red, yellow, orange and brown.  What else is happening in the world during this fun time of year?  Math, science, arts and crafts are used to explore different aspects of fall

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: M,F,A Sight Words: and & the Colors: Red & Yellow Counting: 1-10 Number Sense: 2  Pattern: AB Shapes: Sphere & Circle

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: M,F,A  Number: 1  Shape: Circle   Colors: Red & Yellow

    *Themes are subject to change!

    OCTOBER, 2014

     Mailman Community Helper – Who are the important people in our community?  This learning box will help your preschooler explore who are some of the important people in our community and how they help us.
    Pile of Pumpkins  Plenty of Pumpkins – Big ones, fat ones, little ones, round ones!  They come in all shapes and sizes but they all start out the same.  Explore how they grow from a little seed into one of our favorite Halloween decorations.

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: H,O,P Sight Words: see & I 

    Colors: Orange & Black Counting1-15 Number Sense:

    PatternAAB Shapes: Rectangle & Cylinder       

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: H,O,P  Number: 2  Shape: Rectangle  Colors:  Orange & Black

    *Themes are subject to change!

    NOVEMBER, 2014

    5 Hand_2 CMYK Ear CMYK Using My Senses – Preschoolers see, hear, taste, smell, and touch the world around them everyday.  This learning box makes science fun as they explore and recognize the importance of their senses and why we should be thankful for them.
    turkey Giving Thanks – Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year.  It is a time for pilgrims, turkeys, friends, and family but most importantly it is a time for giving thanks!  What is your preschooler thankful for?

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: L,E,G  Sight Words: a & like Word Chunks-ap  

    Counting: 1-15 Number Sense: 4 Pattern: ABB

    Shapes:  Square & Cube Colors: Brown & Orange        

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: L,E,G  Number: 3  Shape:  Square  Colors: Brown & Orange

    *Themes are subject to change!


    DECEMBER, 2014

     Mother goose Rhyme Time –  Children love to play with words and what better way then with a rhyme.  Rhyming is not only fun; it is an important pre-reading skill!  In this learning box, we will meet some classic characters from the world of rhyme.
    Santa Global Celebrating the Season – Bright lights, fun foods, singing songs, and pretty packages. . . December is such an exciting time of year for preschoolers to celebrate family traditions from around the world.  There is even a fun gift project included!

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: K,J,G  Sight Words: to & in Word Chunks: -op

    Counting: 1-20 Number Sense: 5  Pattern:  AABB

    Shapes: Triangle & Cone  Colors: Gold & Green  

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: K,J,G  Number: 4  Shape: Triangle  Colors:  Green

    *Themes are subject to change!

    JANUARY, 2015

     Child snow Snow Days – What to do on a snowy day?  This learning box will not only allow your preschooler to discover the fun of a snowy day but also help them discuss what kinds of clothes should be worn in any kind of weather.
    sun moon Day and Night – As the sun moves across the sky, we watch shadows grow and shrink.  At night we watch the stars twinkle and the moon change shape over time.  What else can we find in the sky?

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: I,N,Y  Sight Words: is & for Word Chunks: -an

    Counting: 1-20 Number Sense: 6  Pattern: ABC 

    Shape: Crescent  Colors: White, Blue, & Yellow        

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: I,N,Y  Number: 5  Shape: Crescent  Colors: White & Blue

    *Themes are subject to change!

    FEBRUARY, 2015

    Mailman 1 Love In The Mail -Valentine’s day is a day for sending love.  One way to do that is in the mail!  With this learning box your preschooler will explore how mail gets from one place to another.
     wolf blow What Big Teeth You Have  – Fairy Tales can be a fun way to teach preschoolers important skills; such as not to talk to strangers!  This learning box will also use one of the fairy tales as a springboard for some important lessons on dental health.

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: D,X,T Sight Words:  it & on Word Chunks:  -at 

    Counting: 1-25 Number Sense: 7  Pattern: AABC 

    Shape: Heart Colors: Pink, White, & Red        

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: D,X,T Numbers: 1-5  Shape: Heart  Colors: Pink & White 

    *Themes are subject to change!

    MARCH, 2015

    rain Teddy Bear Picnic - Oh no, the teddy bears are having a picnic.  What do you think they should eat?  This learning box includes fun arts and craft activities that help preschoolers learn about nutrition.
     Cowboy Fire Welcome To The Wild West – Howdy partners!  Let’s climb on our horse and go back in time!  Fun arts and crafts, as well as songs to sing as we learn about the Wild, Wild, West!

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: V,W,C  Sight Words: my & be Word Chunk: -at 

    Counting: 1-25 Number Sense: 8  Pattern: ABBC

    Shape: Semi-circle  Colors: Gray, Brown, & Red  

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: V,W,C  Numbers: 1-5  Shape: Semi-circle  Colors: Gray & Brown

    *Themes are subject to change!

    APRIL, 2015

     Rainforest A Walk In The Rainforest – There are all kinds of “things” living in the rainforest!  Come with us on an exciting adventure, through the rainforest and discover some of these wonderful surprises.  What do you think you will find?
    Garden hoe In My Garden – What can you find in a garden?  This learning box will have your preschooler exploring some of the different aspects of the garden:  wiggling worms, sprouting seeds, blooming flowers, growing fruits and vegetables; and of course mud!

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: R,Q,U  Sight Words: he & she Word Chunk: -it

    Counting 1-30 Number Sense: Pattern: ABCC

    Shape: Oval  Colors: Purple, Green, Brown  

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: R,Q,U  Numbers: 1-5  Shape: Oval  Colors: Purple & Green

    *Themes are subject to change!

    MAY, 2015

    scuba Colors Of The Rainbow - Wow!  Look at all of those colors in that rainbow!  We will make science and math fun as we explore the wonderful world of color.
    letters Bugs And Butterflies – Bugs a plenty, bugs galore! The world is full of bugs. Come with us as we explore the world of the creepy crawlies, the fascinating fliers, and the beautiful butterflies!

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: B,Z  Sight Words: me & at Word Chunks: -ot

    Counting: 1-30 Number Sense: 10 Pattern: AABBCC

    Shape: Semi-circle Colors: Review   

    Little Preschool Program

    Letters: B,Z  Numbers: 1-5 Shape: Semi-circle Colors: Review 

    *Themes are subject to change!

    JUNE, 2014

    camping Let’s Go Camping – Hiking, swimming, and s’mores – let’s go camping! Come with us on our adventure as we set up our tents, light the campfires, and explore the woods – don’t forget the flashlights!
    water Water, Water Everywhere! – It’s hot outside and we want to get wet, good thing there is water everywhere. Let’s have some fun with this important natural resource.
    Letters: A thru Z

    JULY, 2014

    birthday Happy, Happy Birthday! – Everyone loves a birthday party. Join us as we have some fun with birthday traditions from around the world as well as celebrate our country’s birthday. Happy Birthday USA!
    island Island Get-A-Way – Summer is a great time for a vacation! Let’s explore the sandy beaches, volcanoes, and the rain forest on our tropical island get-a-way.
    Numbers: 1-10

    AUGUST, 2014

    hot air What Goes Up? – Up, up, and away – let’s go for a ride in the sky! Come with us as we soar through the sky in our hot air balloon or take a ride in a helicopter. The wind in our face and the clouds passing by – what a way to spend the day!
    circus Let’s Join the Circus! – Preschoolers already know how to “clown around”, so why not let them join the circus? They can go up and down, fast and slow, or in and out. The circus is a great place to learn about opposites!

    Big and Small Box Programs

    Letters: Intro to Alphabet

    Counting:  1-5 Number Sense: 1 Pattern: A

    Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle

    Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple    

    Little Preschool Program

    Starts in September

    *Themes are subject to change!


    Numbers and Colors and Shapes – Oh My! –

    With this 6 week kit we will have some fun with numbers and colors and shapes – Oh My!

    I Know My ABC’s – 

    This 6 week kit will cover the letters of the alphabet with a letter of the day theme!  Let’s have some fun with the alphabet!

    *Themes are subject to change!

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