5 Insightful Ways to Ensure Your Preschooler Doesn't Fall Behind During the Pandemic

5 Insightful Ways to Ensure Your Preschooler Doesn't Fall Behind During the Pandemic

Posted by The Learning Box Preschool on Oct 27th 2020

Learning at all stages in life requires consistency. It is especially essential for preschool kids who learn through routine and repetition. Sadly, this year's education calendar has felt uncertain at times. The disruption caused by the pandemic has made everyone change and adapt daily. Many parents may worry that they won't maintain learning momentum with their preschool child during such formative years. Luckily, there is more than one way parents can keep their kids engaged and on track with their preschool curriculum.

5 Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Learning

1. Homeschool Your Child

The closest thing a preschooler can get to their teacher is their parent. Subsequently, in childcare after COVID 19, homeschooling is the most practical option for many parents. Homeschooling is not as complicated as it seems. A good preschool curriculum, like Learning Box, makes it easy. A school curriculum will help your preschooler with:

  • Emotional needs
  • Literacy skills
  • Physical skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Social development

Homeschooling only requires a high-quality curriculum, a bit of time, and a few preschool curriculum supplies.

2. Enroll Your Child For Remote Learning

Several preschools are offering some part of remote learning to preschool kids. The options range from remote learning through Zoom to YouTube channels where kids can learn and even programs on free-to-air TV stations. Since most kids find it challenging to engage and learn with a computer screen, you can supplement their remote learning with a preschool curriculum.

3. Enroll Your Preschooler in An Open Preschool

Even at the brunt of the pandemic, 33,000 preschools were still open in the United States. These pandemic preschools mostly catered to first responders and essential workers. If you are in a situation where your child must go to preschool, you can enroll them in one that follows strict guidelines. Consult widely and do a thorough vetting, and you will find a preschool you are willing to leave your child.

5 Insightful Ways to Ensure Your Preschooler Doesn’t Fall Behind During The Pandemic

4. Seek the Help Of A Tutor

Another viable option for parents who want their kids to have in-person learning is to hire a tutor. Since some preschools have closed, tutors are offering their services to parents personally. A good preschool curriculum like Learning Box can help you and the tutor to plan simple learning periods, including what children learn in high-quality preschool programs.

5. Join A Pandemic Pod

Necessity is the mother of invention. Worried that their kids will fall behind, parents have been looking for creative ways to school their children, leading to Pandemic pods' development. These pods are made up of small groups of parents who bring their kids together for preschool. With a tutor and a preschool curriculum like Learning Box, parents can recreate the preschool experience and keep kids on track.

We Are Here to Help

Learning Box is dedicated to giving you the tools to ensure that your preschooler is not left behind during this time of uncertainty. We can help you keep your child on track with our Learning Box curriculum and safe at home. For more information, contact us today, and we will be more than willing to help. You can also shop for our curriculum boxes.