How Does Learning Box Preschool Compare to Other Preschool Curriculum?

How Does Learning Box Preschool Compare to Other Preschool Curriculum?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Nov 15th 2019

Learning Box Preschool curriculum differs from other preschool curriculum in the following ways:

Evidence-Based Early Learning Approach

With Learning Box Preschool curriculum, our goal is to provide the best education possible to young children before they enter grade school. For this reason, we take an evidence-based approach to our early learning curriculum. We believe in providing teachers with curriculum that is data-supported as being valuable rather than keeping to historical methods based out of tradition. Our professionally developed early learning program is consistent with 2017 NAEYC requirements, National Head Start Program, and ongoing state standard alignments.

Our team is highly qualified and provides only the best curriculum for your classroom and children. It is designed by a Curriculum Director who has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. She also has 20 years of teaching and the support of a team of licensed teachers with Bachelor of Arts in Education degrees.

Easy to Follow Instructions for Each Day

The curriculum by Learning Box Preschool is designed for children aged two to five. It is loved by both preschool teachers and the children they teach. Just read our testimonials! One of the crucial aspects of the Learning Box Preschool curriculum is that it provides highly granular guidance. Teachers get day-by-day instructions, activity ideas, and project supplies so they are prepared to teach their pre-schoolers. These instructions provide user-friendly direction for teachers of all abilities from homeschools, to childcare centers, to preschools, to daycares, to parents.

Curriculum Tailored to Development Level

Children need an approach tailored to their current level of development. Moving too fast or at one pace can thwart understanding and cause some kids to fall further behind. With our expertise in education we’ve developed curriculum boxes based on age so you can pick just the right learning level for your pre-schoolers.

Holistic Preschool Curriculum

We offer a holistic approach through our preschool curriculum with a foundation in a range of subjects and activities. There are academic elements, such as literacy tools, math tools, science tools, and music and movement guidance. Learning Box’s preschool curriculum includes interesting topics such as cooking in the kitchen, snow days, bugs and butterflies, and even abstract concepts, like “make-believe” - areas that some pre-school curricula do not explore. We also include most of the materials needed in the daily packs and those that are not included (items like crayons scissors, glue and paint supplies) are itemized on a suggested supplies list.

Learning Box Preschool curriculum also builds from month to month and provides educators with seasonally relevant themes throughout. With educational concepts that rotate each month such as “word chunks,” counting and shapes, children create a compound understanding of their world by building up their knowledge in a consistent and coherent manner. Teachers get a varied toolset to prepare a stunning array of lessons.

Why Choose Learning Box Preschool?

Learning Box stands apart from other preschool curricula with a commitment to ensure your child receives a solid academic foundation and you have easy to teach lessons that are fun, creative and unique. All of this is possible while meeting or exceeding recommended guidelines for state alignments with Learning Box Preschool curriculum. The choice for preschool teachers looking for the perfect curriculum is clear.

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