Important Resources for Homeschooling Preschoolers During COVID-19

Important Resources for Homeschooling Preschoolers During COVID-19

Posted by The Learning Box Preschool on Jun 15th 2020

Parents and teachers rapidly and dramatically changed their plans for preschool-aged children this year. With COVID-19 restrictions evolving, many people still feel concerned about sending their kids back to the classroom. Preschool-aged children will be predictably less conscious of social distancing strategies and less aware of health risks because of how young they are. As a result, parents of preschoolers are weighing the options of continuing preschool and prekindergarten at home during the COVID outbreak. Here are a few important factors to consider:

Distance Learning Should Still Be Involved Learning

Preschoolers have been proven to succeed in education when they receive more interaction from caretakers and parents. Preschoolers are not designed to learn autonomously in front of a computer screen. One-on-one interaction with your preschooler while learning is vital to their development.

A Routine is Essential to Children

Whether you are the parent, teacher, or both, ensuring that preschoolers have a routine, especially on school days, is vital. Parents and teachers should work together to ensure that children are waking, learning, and playing at set times throughout the day. Typically, homeschool students finish their work quicker than students in the classroom. Remember that completing quality work is more important than matching the hours normally set in a school.

Your preschooler will have the same amount of energy at home as when they can interact with their friends. They need plenty of time during the day to play and release energy. Keep in mind if they are social distancing to counteract their lack of same-age peers that they may usually see during the day.

Take Advantage of Ample Online Resources

The world has changed rapidly since COVID. Many companies, authors, and artists are contributing resources online more than ever before. Keep on the lookout for:

  • Online "read-a-longs” with your child's favorite authors
  • Artists with videos teaching kids how to draw
  • Broadcasted live concerts your child may want to watch
  • Most local libraries partner with some sort of app to provide audio and written books
  • A plethora of online videos aimed at educating children on a variety of topics

With online resources being so available and the world more accustomed to living in social distancing, homeschooling has never been so accessible. With such an abundance of resources, the largest issue then becomes organizing learning into something digestible at home.

How Can The Learning Box Preschool Help?

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