Preschool at Home | Is This a Good or Bad Idea?

Preschool at Home | Is This a Good or Bad Idea?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Sep 27th 2018

The preschool years are a time of tremendous development and knowledge acquisition in children. Through play, interaction with family and friends, and even games, movies, and television, children are introduced to language, colors and shapes, reading and writing, and simple math. Learning comes quite naturally to children at this age and creates a foundation upon which further learning can be built. Why not take advantage of this wonderful window of opportunity for learning and growing by teaching your child preschool at home?

What is The Learning Box?

Learning Box offers preschool curriculum kits with resources, tools, and guidance needed to aide parents in teaching preschool at home. Our curriculum kits contain activities and learning materials that are tailored to meet the learning potential of children aged two through five. The curriculum is designed by experienced educators and is accompanied by instructions easy to navigate and understand by parents.

Which Kit is Right for Me and My Preschooler?

Parents can choose from three curriculum kits currently offered by Learning Box, depending on the age of their child and the number of days of instruction. The Little Box Program? is intended for two to three-year-olds and includes three days’ worth of curriculum. The Small Box Program and the Big Box Program are both suited for three to five-year-olds, with three days’ worth of activities and materials in the Small Box and five days in the Big Box. The curriculum included in each of these provides a comprehensive education of the knowledge and skills expected of incoming kindergartners and will provide your child the foundation for all future learning.

Learning Box is Perfect for Parents!

Learning Box provides not only your preschooler the opportunity to learn but the opportunity for you to play an active role in your child’s educational growth and development. Your child will love learning with Learning Box, and you’ll be a part of this wonderful journey, every step of the way.