The Secrets to Engaging Preschoolers in Learning

The Secrets to Engaging Preschoolers in Learning

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Aug 19th 2019

At Learning Box, we believe in the value of developing a love of learning in children as young as possible. We also know that it can often be tough to get preschool children engaged in educational activities, which is why we have put together some of the secrets we have learned to engage preschoolers in learning.

Have a Routine

Children thrive with routine. When they know what to expect, and what is expected of them the boundaries they can excel within are defined. Teaching preschoolers is, not surprisingly, best accomplished via a routine. Repetition is also a well-known way to engage younger children in educational activities. If you do the same things at the same time every day, they will come to know what to expect and they will be ready for it. It may take some time for them to get into the routine you have set but after a few days they will know the drill and they will be ready to learn.

The 10-Minute Rule

Since preschoolers, especially the 2-3-year-olds, have such short attention spans, teachers should aim to keep lessons and activities as short as possible. 10-minute bursts of activity should be just enough to impart knowledge without boring the kids or having them drift off and get restless. Playtime and story time may be exceptions to this rule depending on how well your kids handle them.

If there are times when you will need to go beyond the 10-minute sweet spot, it is advisable to make the lessons as engaging as possible by using visual aids, getting the kids involved with crafts or exercises and keeping lessons stimulating.

Using Transitions

If you want preschoolers to remain engaged as you switch from one activity to another, you should definitely try using fun transitions such as singing a song to take you from reading time to crafting - a song that talks about the next activity you are going to do is preferable. Alternatively, you could form a choo-choo train to move from one area to the next or have the kids each say a sentence regarding what they love about the next activity. Be creative and come up with fun transactions you know will work for the kids in your care.

Get them Involved

Preschoolers are far more likely to stay engaged in the learning process if they have something to do with their hands and their senses. So, instead of simply talking on and on about whatever it is you are trying to teach, have the kids paint something, make a model, do actions to a story, or anything that will get them more physically involved in the process.

Have a Stimulating Curriculum in Place

Of course, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to engage preschoolers in learning, if you do not have a stimulating curriculum in place, chances are they are going to get bored and disengage from the whole process. That is why, here at Learning Box, we have put together an exciting preschooler curriculum which includes crafts, puzzles, projects, books, and activities that will stimulate while also educating. Check it out here.