Customer Testimonials

  • “Thank you! My kiddos are really enjoying your curriculum and I am enjoying teaching it. I am so happy you have for ages 2-4 years because my new group this Fall are those ages”

    ——Tara / TX
  • “This curriculum is perfect for my home childcare! Kids Korner is excited to be a part of such an awesome program! The children are excited when we pull out the program every morning and ready to learn! Thank you!!!”

    ——Rock Hill / SC
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  • “Just received my box last night. I was so excited, I was up half the night getting everything in order. I am the proud owner of Spiritual Sunshine FCCH and just celebrated 10year anniversary 2/16/14. This is the most organized curriculum I’ve come across. I will be receiving 5 day kit every month for all 12 of my kids with 2 extras. The kids were overjoyed with new material and jumped right in. All the supplies and things provided are amazing for the price, very cost effective.”

    ——Charlotte / NC
  • “We love this program! My daughter gets so excited to learn the monthly themes and she loves the preschool crafts and activities. We just bumped up to 5 days a week. LOVE IT! Thanks”

    ——Rebecca / CA
  • “I just wanted to share with you that the children in my childcare have been having so much fun with your program!!! One parent commented on the many books that her child is making, how much she loves them and how excited her child is to share what they have done while in my care. As a childcare provider, I enjoy the stress free curriculum, and love to see the excitement on my kids faces as are doing the activities and when they have learn something for the first time. Thank you for all the work that you have put into a quality preschool program!!”

    ——Deb P. / Boise, ID
  • “My 4 year old and I love The Learning Box Preschool. My daughter is having a blast as well as learning so much. The program is very organized, easy to follow, very educational and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for a home based preschool.”

    ——Shari G. / Meridian, ID
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  • “This is fantastic!!! I have been using The Learning Box Preschool curriculum as a supplement to my own pre-k program. As a licensed master-teacher, I have found The Learning Box curriculum to be right in line with the pre-K core and more! The phonics and math programs are very thorough and are complementary to the programs that I have written for my own customized program. The activities are engaging and exciting for all preschool ages. The parents of my students have told me how their children can’t wait to come back to school. I know that this is largely due to the fun activities that I have received from The Learning Box.”

    ——Robin G. / Utah
  • “This weekend we received our first shipment from The Learning Box, and boy, was it thrilling! I was amazed at the quantity of stuff and excited to see how organized it all was! I have taught preschool before, in a day care setting, and I can attest to the high quality of your curriculum. Thank you for making it possible for me to teach my daughter and a handful of her friends at low-cost and high-fun! :)”

    ——Becky P. / Phoenix, AZ
  • “This is a great curriculum! I am part of a co-operative preschool and I used this curriculum with my two girls, ages three and four. My girls enjoyed the activities and each day’s learning. There were several things I appreciated about this curriculum. First, I appreciated the “Calendar at a Glance;” I liked looking over the whole month’s worth of activities and learning concepts for each day. Then, I liked the breakdown of the “Planning Ahead” section, describing what I would need to do BEFORE each day. The activities are preschool age appropriate, fun, and intellectually stimulating. I also liked having the supplies for the activities and crafts ready and available. It is very worthwhile!”

    ——Ashli T. / Chesterfield, VA
  • “I just received the Learning Box preschool set and love it. My daughter who is 4 years old wants to do her preschool work all the time. This is a great way to get the children motivated to learn. The activities are educational and fun for everyone. I completely recommend The Learning Box Preschool to anyone who wants to get involved with their children and educate them at the same time. Thanks Learning Box”

    ——Sarah J. / Caldwell, ID
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  • “I just received my order and while I haven’t had a chance to implement it, I had to e-mail to let you know how incredibly impressed I am with the materials! I honestly didn’t know what to expect and was even nervous about opening the box. Being a creativity-challenged individual, I appreciate the materials already being provided and the clear instructions for each day. And even more importantly, being a time-challenged individual, I was very pleased to see all of the materials organized in “day bags.” I was expecting to have the materials either placed in the box at random or to simply be packed up in a separate box, requiring me to do all of the sorting. This convenience is well worth the price of the curriculum! The “at-a-glance”sections in the manual, allowing me to find what I need to do ahead of time, is wonderful! I’ve already spent the past 30 minutes e-mailing my friends who have pre-schoolers. I stumbled onto your site by accident, while looking for a different curriculum a friend suggested for me. She and I are so glad I did!”

    ——Elizabeth B. / Centerton, AR
  • “I absolutely love the Learning Box Preschool. My son has learned so much already in just one month. I couldn’t believe how much stuff comes in the 3-Day-a-week kit. It works so well for me and my son’s schedule.”

    ——Ashley R. / MI
  • “I just want to share with you how grateful I am for this service and program you provide. Last year, when the pandemic started and my son was about to start Pre-K, it was clear he was not able to attend any Pre-K school program due to his asthma condition. I was referred to you by a family member. Wow!! Thanks to these amazing "boxes/lessons", I was able to prepare my son for Kindergarten. The validation of how amazing your program is, came last week when my son's Kindergarten teacher asked me where he "attended" Pre-K. When I explained it was me who did it through your "boxes", she was amazed and congratulated me for how well prepared my son was. Again, thank you!! This would not have been possible without your service, attention to detail in each box and curriculum. Thanks for what you do and please don't stop! Well done!”

    ——Leslie R. / Florida
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