Big Box

5 Day Curriculum Kit

Welcome to a “Box” full of Fun!

Our Big Box Program includes supplies for 20 Days of activities and 2 Special Days. Choose this box for children 3-5 years old. Scroll down to see examples of what is included in every monthly kit.

Introductory Kit Contents

dice learning box preschool

Game Pieces

box learning box preschool

Mini Box

calendar learning box preschool

Calendar Grid

display strips learning box preschool

Display Strips

posters learning box preschool

Display Posters

weather cards learning box preschool

Weather Cards

posters learning box preschool

Flag and Pledge Card

Automatically included with your 1st order only. *Not all items supplied are shown above.

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  • Display Posters
  • Alphabet Chart
  • Alphabet Strip
  • Number Chart 0-10
  • Number Strip 1-30
  • Sign Language Chart
  • Sight Word Poster
  • Mini-Box
  • Flag & Pledge Card
  • Calendar Grid
  • Weather Cards
  • Game Pieces
  • Foam Dice
  • Pawns * (up to 5)

Teacher Packs

  • 2-3 Theme Related Books
  • Shape Mini-book
  • 2 Theme Game
  • 3 Alphabet Letter Cards, including the sign language symbols
  • 12 Picture cards
  • 2 Sight Words
  • Action Stories
  • Fundamental Review Games (Ex – Memory or Go Fish)
  • Shape Cut Out
  • Ideas for “Extra” activities (Field trips, food experiences, dramatic play)
  • Free Music CD-with 9 month prepaid order

Children's Materials

Items Included

  • Letter, Number, and Shape Practice Sheet
  • Math Board with Counters or Math Manipulative Cards
  • "Fun"damental Cards for letter, numbers, shapes, color, and pattern
  • 1 Theme Mini-book
  • Fine Motor activities including lacing every other month
  • Letter cutouts
  • Number cutouts
  • Sight Words Page
  • Theme Project Book
  • Shape Puzzle or Shape Collage
  • Shape Mini-book
  • Patterning Strip
  • Theme Puzzle every month
  • Writing Page
  • Parents' Homework
  • Plus more crafts!