5 Day a Week vs. 3 Day a Week Preschool Programs: Which is Better For My Child?

5 Day a Week vs. 3 Day a Week Preschool Programs: Which is Better For My Child?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Mar 20th 2019

One of the most exciting times in life to both the parent and child is when the child begins their journey into the world of education. One of the goals at the Learning Box Preschool is to make this a smooth yet exciting and enjoyable time for the child and parent or teacher.

Big Box vs. Small Box Programs

We have available what we call the Small Box for a 3 day-a-week program and a Big Box program intended for 5 days-a-week. The programs are intended to be used for 1 to 2 hours daily. Both the Big Box and the Small Box include extra activities such as food experiences and field trips to further enhance the educational experience.

3 Day a Week Small Box Program

The Small Box has the same themes, colors, letters and numbers as the Big Box but has fewer days of activities and fewer overall crafts. The Small Box will also have the same number of traditional "Fun"damental activities but they will rotate each month.

5 Day a Week Big Box Program

If you do choose to use the Big Box program but know there will be some months you may not be able to use the program all 5 days, you may request the Small Box for that month. Be sure to give Learning Box a heads up before the normal shipping date.

Supplies Included

The Small Box includes 12 days of supplies and one "Special" day is included. This program is intended to have 2 "Fun"dametal activities every day. This could be expanded to a 5 day program by only doing one "Fun"damental activity per day.

Power Through Choice

Having the choice between the Big Box or the Small Box lets you customize the learning experience to fit your needs and time constraints. Being able to substitute the Small Box for the Big Box for some months will give you added flexibility in choosing what best meets your needs.

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