Fall Weather & Playing Outside

Fall Weather & Playing Outside

Oct 13th 2016

Only a generation ago children used to play outside all of the time. Children now seem to gravitate to indoor play. Sometimes this is due to the newest technology that even the smallest of children can engage in, other times children live in very unsafe neighborhoods and do not have the opportunity to play outside.

But research shows that children should play outside, and one of the greatest seasons to play is fall. The sun is usually lower in the sky, so it limits the need for sunscreen. For the same reason, the temperatures are a little cooler, so the chance of heatstroke diminishes, and of course, fall leaves become the perfect play toy for even the smallest of children.
But playing outside in the autumn with preschool children can also bring its challenges. For one thing, the cool weather can turn frigid. Parents need to be reminded that the weather can change from day to day, so their children need to have warm clothes to wear. The best way to remind parents of this is to tell them in as many ways as possible.

A friendly reminder on their bill, a flyer in their child’s cubby, even a face-to-face chat with parents are all good reminders for parents. But no matter how many reminders folks will forget. The preschool should be well stocked with clothes of all sizes so that little ones can still enjoy the outside even if their parents forget.
But children are also unpredictable, and some days they will not want to go outside. If this happens, try to appeal to them with fun games. What child could resist the fun of jumping in a huge pile of leaves?

Other fall games like bobbing for apples, hayrides, or pumpkin painting can also be fun. Fall is a magical time of year that young children can enjoy.

Its time to bundle them up and enjoy the season!