How To Make Math Fun For Your Preschooler

How To Make Math Fun For Your Preschooler

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Jul 12th 2019

Math and fun are two words that do not tend to coincide for children. However, when we have fun, we tend to learn better. So, if you can find ways to make math fun for your child, you will certainly be able to help them excel when at preschool. Let’s, read on to discover some suggestions that can give you a helping hand. 

Turn Math into a Game

One of the best ways to make math fun for your preschooler is to turn it into a game. Whether it is a board game or an old-school card game, a puzzle or something more high-tech utilizing the strategy of gamification can draw your child in. Kids love activities that are hands-on, especially if there is an element of competition with a sibling or a parent, so it is certainly worth considering something like this. 

Look for Ways to Bring Math into Your Home Life

Another way to have fun and to help your child learn math without even realizing they are learning is to bring math into the home. Of course, playing games like bingo, lotto, cards, and Snap is one way to do this. However, there are other ways you can do this as well. This includes encouraging your child to look at the clock regularly in order to relate time to activities and family routines. You should also ask your child to help with simple household tasks that can involve math, for example, setting the table. You can also sort, count, match, and compare virtually anything and everything, as well as singing number songs and rhymes. 

Add Math into Your Life When Out and About

You can also add math into activities you are doing when you are outside of the home. You can make learning number facts fun through using song tapes in your vehicle, for example. You can also read bus and train timetables together. If you are going on a familiar journey, it is a good idea to ask your child about the journey. You can use this to talk about the directions you are going to be taking and to point out road signs and such like. One of the most effective ways of helping your child to get to grips with math is to point out prices and involve your little one when you’re paying for things. 

Use building blocks

Building blocks are great for children when it comes to their development. Not only does it assist with their math skills, but they can learn how to describe different positions, sizes, shapes, and colors too.

As you can see, there are several different ways that you can make math fun for your preschooler. If you follow the suggestions that have been provided above, you will be able to turn math into more of a fun and exciting game or activity, rather than being viewed as dreaded schoolwork. This changes your child’s mentality by making math very relatable and can help you make teaching easier and more enjoyable.