What Other Supplies Will I Need For The Learning Box Preschool Curriculum?

What Other Supplies Will I Need For The Learning Box Preschool Curriculum?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Apr 18th 2019

Most of the materials needed to complete the Learning Box Preschool curriculum are included in the daily packets. However, you will need to supply some items in order for children to participate in each lesson's art projects, activities, and hands-on experiments.

Supplies needed outside of the provided daily packets may include the following:


Children will use crayons to create artwork and practice essential pre-writing skills. Crayons are a valuable utensil as they encourage children to practice their pencil grip and use their fine motor muscles to push down as they make marks.


Scissors may be necessary in order to complete some of the art projects outlined in the Learning Box Preschool curriculum. Scissors are an important tool for children to master as part of school readiness. Using scissors promotes fine motor coordination and helps build muscles in the hand.


Some Learning Box daily packets will include activities that require glue. You may want to supply both glue sticks and liquid glue, depending on the nature of the project and the ability level of the children. Squeezing liquid glue is great fine motor practice, and using glue sticks encourages children to use their hand and wrist muscles as they push their glue all around the page.

Paint and Painting Supplies

No preschool curriculum would be complete without a little paint! Not only are paint and paintbrushes a wonderfully open-ended creative material, but they can promote science and art concepts such as color mixing and learning about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

If you don't mind your children's hands getting messy, finger painting is also a fun and enriching sensory experience which can help engage your more reluctant young artists!

Extra Activities

Many Learning Box Preschool curriculum daily packets come with a suggested extra activity. These activities are optional and the materials needed will vary. If you wish to complete the extra activity, your daily packet will provide a list of materials needed.