What Will Your Child Learn with a High-Quality Preschool Program?

What Will Your Child Learn with a High-Quality Preschool Program?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Dec 13th 2019

Your child’s development depends on a number of different factors. Many parents believe that school provides the education and environment a child needs in order to flourish, but the reality is that it depends a lot on their teachers and fellow students. There are five main components to a child’s successful development throughout their adolescent years; social development, physical skills, cognitive abilities, literacy and emotional needs. These five pillars of a child’s development should be the main focuses of a high-quality preschool program.

Social Development

Social development focuses on your child’s ability to integrate into the classroom and get along with other students and teachers. Teachers work together with children by developing mutual respect for others and cooperating in group-oriented tasks. These social development skills are built from playing and learning with preschoolers around their age, while also being guided by those who are older and more mature. By interacting with people of different ages and having guidance from their teachers, children learn to develop language skills which can help them resolve conflicts, make friends and become an active part of society.

Physical Skills

Physical skills involve the way your child uses their body. This can involve both larger motor skills (such as the arms and legs) and also smaller motor skills (such as fingers and hands). These skills will help teach children how to do various physical activities such as running, climbing, throwing and catching. With small motor skills, they’ll learn crafts such as painting, drawing and writing. By using their bodies and mixing their motor skills, children can build strong bones, muscles and hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities involve the ability to make decisions, solve problems and think critically about situations. As younger children study and ask questions, they slowly develop their cognitive abilities that serve as the foundation for their curious minds. This all stems from a desire to learn more about the world around them, hence the importance of exposing them to a wider range of things in the world. These skills will help your child handle frustrations and deal with inner struggles more easily, leading to excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to break down complex issues into bite-sized pieces.

Literacy Skills

Literacy skills are all about helping your child communicate through reading, writing, listening and talking. The skills all rely on the same literacy foundation and a high-quality preschool program can help establish excellent communication skills and concepts.

Emotional Needs

Meeting emotional needs is a vital component of helping your child develop maturity. It helps your child understand their own feelings while also appreciating and empathizing with the feelings of others. This helps your child learn to be concerned for others while also improving their self-esteem.

Learning Box Preschool Curriculum covers all of these developmental components! Our boxes are designed for children age 2 to 5 and include extra curriculum guides and packs to enhance the learning experience and makes giving your child a high-quality preschool program much easier and more accessible.