5 Ways to Help Keep Preschool Routines During the Pandemic

5 Ways to Help Keep Preschool Routines During the Pandemic

Posted by The Learning Box Preschool on Oct 25th 2021

Covid, and all of its variants, have brought uncertainty and crisis to the world. School programs and routines do not always go as planned. As a result, children can become anxious, wondering what to expect in the future.

We can design valuable predictability by creating a routine for ourselves and our kids during the Covid-19 crisis. This is because along with routine comes a sense of safety and reassurance that pays dividends towards positive mental and physical health.

Here are five practical ways to keep preschool routines during Covid.

1. Encourage Preschoolers to Dress for Success

Changing out of pajamas, brushing hair and teeth, and looking their best can help kids feel like everything is normal. It also helps them feel confident about their appearance, which will help keep them happy.

2. Take Breaks Throughout The Day

Allow preschoolers to take time off from learning. Let them relax, have fun, listen to music, read a book they choose, play, and exercise. During these breaks, try to gauge the children's minds to determine their anxiety and mood levels. If you notice a negative mood, modify the activity and engage them in something fun to boost their mental health.

3. Take Advantage of Time Outside

Preschoolers can safely social distance outside, get all of their wiggles out, and go for a short walk to learn about nature. Cortisol levels, the stress hormone, are lowered both by walking and playing outside.

4. Keep Your Children Informed If They Ask, But Limit Details

Preschoolers are used to playing with their mates regularly and may not understand why they have to wear masks or social distance. You can help them understand by providing truthful information but omitting any vivid details that may cause worry. Ensure them that adults are working hard towards a solution for Covid. Keep your conversation concise to give them a basic but not overwhelming understanding of Covid 19. Additionally, be aware of the information you consume on your TV, radio, or other gadgets while around them.

5. Stick to a Planned Curriculum

Experts have acknowledged that setting and keeping a strict schedule is beneficial for mental health during stressful situations. By utilizing a preschool curriculum, you can provide your preschoolers an exceptional learning experience, a sense of normalcy, and take the pressure off of yourself to plan high-quality activities and lessons.

Learning Box Preschool Can Help Maintain Routine

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