What Should I Look for When Selecting A Preschool for My Child?

What Should I Look for When Selecting A Preschool for My Child?

Posted by Learning Box Preschoole on Nov 26th 2019

What Should I Look for When Selecting A Preschool for My Child?

Finding a preschool for your little one might seem like a daunting task. With so much to consider, you want to find the best possible option before they progress to kindergarten. When a child is 2-4 years old, they are in their prime learning time. Taking everything in like a sponge, they need to follow a suitable curriculum and have excellent academics to teach them.

Before you select a preschool, evaluate and consider the following:

Does the Preschool Teach High-Quality Curriculum?

A major aspect to look for when choosing a preschool is the curriculum they use. It should be consistent with NAYEC requirements, teach core subjects, and be designed by educators who have years of experience. Learning Box Preschool Curriculum is a great example of the ideal preschool curriculum.

Is the Preschool Location Nearby?

As a parent or guardian, you must consider the location of the preschool. Not only is this important as you won’t want a long commute twice a day, but it’s also vital for the preschool to be within easy reach in case of an accident. For example, if your child is sick at school, you will want to be less than an hour away so that you can pick them up and take them home. Some preschools also allow visitors, so if you want to drop in during your lunch hour, keep in mind the time it takes to get to and from work.

Will Your Child’s Personality Flourish in the Environment?

All children are different. As they all have their own personalities, they can thrive in particular environments and become shy and nervous in others. Take a moment and think about your child. Is there a particular environment that they aren’t comfortable in? Or do they perhaps require a school that’s based more on creativity?

By thinking about your child’s tendencies and personality, you will be able to recognize the most suitable preschool for their requirements. Matching up with what they need most, they will be able to thrive.

What Is the Preschool Teacher Like?

If possible, interview the preschool teacher and also ask if you can survey while they teach their current class. Pay attention to how they interact with their students and their teaching style. Many preschool teachers are warm, patient and calm, focusing their attention on each child individually. Take note of their teaching style to determine whether your child would be suitable for their class.

Is the Preschool Classroom Clean, Inspiring and Safe?

When touring different preschools, pay attention to the classrooms. Each classroom should be clean, organized, colorful and welcoming to children. Your child needs an environment that they are comfortable in and that they can learn in - so a messy, unorganized classroom might not be suitable.

If you want a real idea of what it will be like for your child, get down to their height and look around. Are there lots of toys and learning resources around the room? If so, it could be the perfect learning environment for your little one.

Other than being aesthetically appealing, the building the classrooms are within should be safe. You need to have peace of mind that your child will be safe when they are at preschool. So, when you’re doing a tour, pay attention to safety precautions such as:

  • Are there fire safety signs around classrooms and public areas?
  • Are the fire safety certifications up to date?
  • Does the staff know CPR?
  • Is there a fenced-in outdoor play area?

It’s important that you carefully select options that will give your child the best possible future. Set your standards high and make sure the preschool you choose accommodates your necessities so that you can make the most of your child’s early learning years! The impact of preschool on a child’s life is incredible!