Boxed Preschool Curriculum vs. Digital Download Preschool - Which is Right For You?

Boxed Preschool Curriculum vs. Digital Download Preschool - Which is Right For You?

Posted by The Learning Box Preschool on Feb 24th 2023

Parents and teachers can get overwhelmed choosing the best teaching program for preschoolers. They want to ensure that they provide the children a strong foundation before kindergarten, but still not deny them their childhood joys.

Preschool curriculums are summed up into categories. Among the two common ones are the boxed preschool curriculum and the digital download curriculum.

A boxed preschool curriculum can be used by anyone and is ideal for a larger preschool environment with a small staff. On the other hand, a digital download curriculum is most suitable for homeschooling or small preschools with just 1 teacher.

So, which preschool curriculum is right for you?

Well, the right curriculum will depend on how you plan to use it. Fortunately, Learning Box Preschool Curriculum offers both teaching programs to suit your needs, whether as a homeschooling parent or a preschool teacher handling 10 children per session.

Why Is Preschool Important?

Sending your 3 or 4-year-old child to preschool can be tough at first, but providing them with a quality education before kindergarten benefits them long-term.

At preschool, children will build a solid foundation in every area of their lives, giving them an upper leg in kindergarten and beyond. In addition, research indicates that preschooled children have higher graduation rates and are more likely to enroll in college.

Here are other 5 reasons why preschool is significant:

  • Preschool teaches children how to be learners: Small children learn by playing. Preschool provides an environment for children to learn in ways that excite them, in turn, associating learning with positivity.
  • Activities taught in preschool boosts children's pre-literacy skills: Games and activities such as singing alphabet songs, playing with alphabet letters, and listening to read-aloud stories build children's pre-literacy skills.
  • Preschool improves children's competency skills: Introducing children to colors, patterns, shapes, and letters before kindergarten increases their competency in learning.
  • Preschool allows children to socialize with their peers: Preschool teaches children how to interact with one another, take turns in answering questions, and share the teacher's attention.
  • The preschool environment nurtures children's creativity: Preschool teachers, parents, and guardians can help children develop their individual thoughts and ideas.

What Is Digital Preschool Curriculum?

Whether you are a preschool teacher, a homeschooling parent, or a special education teacher, our digital preschool curriculum is designed to provide you with the right resources for the best teaching experience.

The digital preschool curriculum is created by experienced teachers and contains a rich library of resources for preschool teachers and families.

Besides, our digital preschool curriculum comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Get our full library of resources monthly at affordable prices.
  • Fast delivery: Get instant delivery of your digital resources after payment.
  • Convenience: You can print as many copies as you wish.
A preschool child drawing on paper with and adult in a classroom | Learning Box Preschool Digital Curriculum

How Does Our Digital Curriculum Work and What Does It Include?

Our digital preschool curriculum is easy to use and accommodates everyone, regardless of their educational background. That means homeschooling parents can use our resources just as trained special education teachers would.

Even better, if you'd like to acquire our curriculum, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account with Learning Box Preschool.

Step 2: Enter your payment information

Step 3: Print out the digital curriculum as many as you need every month.

Your preschool curriculum will contain:

  • Digital books
  • Printable
  • Lesson Plans for Circle Time, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Physical Development

What Are the Benefits of Our Digital Curriculum and Boxed Preschool Curriculum?

Besides their convenience and affordability, our digital and boxed preschool curricula benefit not only preschoolers but also homeschooling parents, and preschool and daycare teachers in various ways, as we shall see below:

Preschool and Daycare Teachers

With our preschool curriculum, anyone can be a preschool teacher. Learning Box provides online learning resources that allow parents and guardians to offer high-quality preschool education to children without necessarily becoming full-time teachers.

To be a qualified preschool teacher, you'll need to have a solid education background and certifications. But with our boxed and digital preschool curricula, anyone can be a preschool and daycare teacher.

That's because all Learning Box's preschool programs are written by competent and experienced educators with many years of experience working with children. With this, anyone can use our rich materials and become a preschool and daycare teacher.

The joys of being a preschool teacher are many, and our digital printable program will let you experience them.


Our boxed curriculum and digital curriculum highly benefit preschoolers before they join kindergarten. A preschool curriculum is highly essential to children and plays a massive role in their emotional development.

Children aged between 3 and 4 years go through numerous development changes that affect their social and emotional well-being.

Therefore, with our curriculum, preschoolers can develop their social and emotional skills through activities like calm down yoga, learning feeling words, and using mod meters to express their moods.

Homeschooling Parents

If you're wondering whether preschooling at home is a good or a bad idea, we're here to tell you that preschooling will significantly benefit your child for many years to come.

While at home, you can introduce your children to learning through play, games, interaction with family members and friends, and movies. With such activities, they'll learn new languages, simple patterns, and colors which will help them in kindergarten and beyond.

Our digital printable curriculum has easy-to-understand and navigate instructions to help parents teach their children even if they have no educational background.

Why Choose Learning Box Preschool Vs. Free Curriculum or Others?

Whether you're looking to homeschool your child or teach at a preschool daycare, it is crucial to choose a program from which you can reap the most benefit.

Several preschool programs exist in the market today, with some being offered at no cost. But what value will they add to you while preschooling?

Compared to other curricula, Learning Box offers you immense value, which sets it aside from the rest. Both our boxed curriculum and digital download preschool curriculum are:

  • Created using high-quality content from experienced educators
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Attract the children's attention and keep them interested in learning new skills and concepts.

Additionally, whereas some preschool learning programs do not meet the country's educational standards, our boxed curriculum and digital curriculum aim to meet the guidelines set by the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Head Start program.

Our curriculum programs also stand out because they're written by educational experts with years of experience handling and teaching young children.

Our director, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree holder with a minor in Psychology and over 20 years of teaching experience, together with our licensed educators, have ensured our programs are well-curated for the benefit of teachers and preschoolers.

Both our boxed and digital download curricula are adaptable. You can only choose to complete the activities fit for the children in your class.

A preschool child drawing on a paper on a desk | Learning Box Preschool Digital Curriculum

What Can You Expect Your Preschool Curriculum to Teach?

Our boxed and digital preschool curricula have essential learning tools to help children transition smoothly to kindergarten.

The curricula focus on:

  • Shapes: Preschoolers who understand shapes will recognize letters, 2-D objects, and numbers in kindergarten and later on.
  • Colors: Colors stimulate children's brains and increase their creativity.
  • Themes: They enhance children's understanding and interest.
  • Counting: This is a skill that helps children quantify objects.
  • Sense: Children naturally learn with all their senses. Sensory plays will increase preschoolers' learning through curiosity, creativity, and exploration.
  • Letters: Learning letter names and sounds improve preschoolers' reading and writing skills.
  • Word chunks: Combining words sets the foundation for excellent written and spoken grammar skills for children.
  • Sight words: Sight words help children build their vocabularies.
  • Patterns: Patterns will help children make predictions as they understand what follows.

With our Education Continuum, children can learn 40+ foundational skills, including emotional development, emergent writing, technology and engineering, and comprehension. These skills will take them through kindergarten till their adult lives.


Below are some of our customer testimonials from preschool teachers, homeschooling parents, and special education teachers who've purchased and used both our boxed curriculum and digital preschool curriculum.

"As a licensed master-teacher, I have found The Learning Box curriculum to be right in line with the pre-K core and more! The phonics and math programs are very thorough and are complementary to the programs that I have written for my own customized program"
–Robin G. / Utah
"I absolutely love the Learning Box Preschool. My son has learned so much already in just one month. I couldn't believe how much stuff comes in the 3-Day-a-week kit. It works so well for me and my son's schedule."
–Ashley R. / MI
"As a childcare provider, I enjoy the stress free curriculum, and love to see the excitement on my kids faces as are doing the activities and when they have learn something for the first time. Thank you for all the work that you have put into a quality preschool program!"
–Deb P. / Boise, ID

Read all our testimonials here to see what our clients say about our programs.

From our discussion, you can tell that both boxed and digital download preschool curricula are essential in equal measures. The only difference will depend on how you intend to use them.

While our boxed preschool curriculum works best for preschool teachers handling many learners at a time, the digital curriculum suits homeschooling parents and small preschools with only 1 teacher.

Therefore, whether you want to handle a big class or just homeschool your 3 to 5-year-old child, Learning Box Preschool got you covered. Even better, you don't need to be a qualified preschool teacher since our programs are easy to use and understand.

So, enroll today and get our rich learning materials created by a panel of education experts.

For more information on our digital curriculum, click this link to read our resource guide. Also, follow our blog, Facebook, and YouTube to learn more about our programs.