Anyone Can Be A Preschool Teacher with Learning Box!

Anyone Can Be A Preschool Teacher with Learning Box!

Sep 23rd 2020

It's a situation many parents around the world are experiencing together. Young children aren't able to go to school as planned, and so many parents, grandparents, and other family members are taking the reins themselves and doing their best to provide a preschool education at home. Getting to spend so much time with one's children can be rewarding, but the demands of teaching, near 24-7 care, and everything else on top of that can potentially lead to burnout. That's why the Learning Box is such a practical option in times like these. It gives parents everything they need to provide their kids with high-quality preschool education without becoming a full-time teacher themselves.

The Learning Box Preschool Takes the Pressure Off Parents

With The Learning Box Preschool, we want to ensure parents have everything their kids need to get a top-notch early education that prepares them for kindergarten. That includes making things as easy as possible for the parents themselves, freeing up valuable time, and relieving the stress associated with printing out worksheets and planning weekly curriculums - with the hopes you're choosing to teach what they should be learning for their age. The curriculum plan by the Learning Box Preschool provides the exact early education preschoolers need to get a head start on success, all while keeping the instructions relatively simple and the lessons themselves fun and inexpensive.

Anyone Can Be A Preschool Teacher with Learning Box!

Benefits of The Learning Box Preschool Curriculum

  • Every lesson is designed by highly-qualified professionals with years of experience educating children.
  • Lessons meet all national and state standard alignments for early learning and are consistent with NAEYC standards.
  • You provide the crayons, scissors, glue, and painting supplies while the Learning Box Preschools' boxes provide just about everything else you need, including clearly written instructions.
  • You can choose the number of boxes you need and the age range you need. The lessons are fun and easy to teach by simply following the instructions. The best part is, you do not need to have a teaching degree!

The Perfect Solution for Homeschooling

No one wants to leave their kids at a disadvantage. However, so many of us have found ourselves in a situation for which we could not have prepared. Whether you have someone in your home who is at high risk of contracting COVID, or your daycare shut down, you may be like many other parents who realize in-home preschool is the best way forward. In these cases, the Learning Box Preschool curriculum is an ideal solution that offers high-quality at-home education.

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