What are the Benefits of Preschool Before Kindergarten?

What are the Benefits of Preschool Before Kindergarten?

Posted by Learning Box Preschool on Jan 2nd 2020

If you are a parent who works full-time, you may be exploring the different childcare options that are available. Daycare centers are a popular choice since they offer flexible full day and part time care. In addition, you may discover that many of these daycares provide preschool, or early-educational classes designed for children aged three to four-years-old. This added service can be well worth the cost when you look closer at what skills and concepts your child will have the opportunity to develop in a preschool environment. These skills can greatly help prepare them for the transition to Kindergarten.

The Importance of Preschool Before Kindergarten

here is an increasing amount of evidence suggesting the importance of preschool to child development. An ideal preschool pairs a safe social environment where kids can learn how to interact with others and the behaviors expected in a classroom with an effective curriculum that exposes them to shapes, letters, colors, patterns, numbers and words. This provides children with a wide variety of competency skills necessary to give them a head start for Kindergarten. In fact, the director of the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) stated that children who go to a good quality preschool will enter kindergarten with stronger basic math skills, an improved vocabulary, and better pre-reading skills when compared with children who do not attend preschool.

All children need to have some form of group experience prior to starting kindergarten. Gymnastics and sports are great places for kids to begin socializing. However, when compared with less formal classes, preschool is going to teach children all about being students. Your child will learn how to share the teacher’s attention, take turns, and raise his or her hand. Your child will also learn how to separate themselves from parents, as parents often stay around during gym and music lessons. All of these elements are very important and can help to ensure that your child is going to feel more confident and prepared by the time kindergarten starts.

What Will Your Child Learn at Preschool?

You may be wondering what your child is going to learn at preschool, and the answer is a lot! Aside from strengthening your child’s social skills, preschool will develop and enhance their physical skills, cognitive abilities, literacy skills, and emotional needs. It will also teach them to problem-solve, be respectful of other people, and how to compromise. Your little one will build confidence, feel safe to explore, and gain a sense of themselves.

Preschool Offers Kindergarteners a Huge Advantage

All things considered; it is not hard to see that there are a lot of advantages that are associated with sending your children to preschool. This is a decision that a lot of parents struggle with. However, it is vital to recognize that sending your child to preschool is not only about helping them to get ahead with their learning but also assisting them with building critical social skills demanded of them while they are in school.

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